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Our team designs, prepares, and sends out customized email newsletters on behalf of attorneys and law firms, with the goal of engaging with past and existing clientele

we design, prepare, and send customized email newsletters

At Attorney Newsletters, we design, prepare, and send customized email newsletters for attorneys and law firms. Our company was designed by attorneys specifically for attorneys. We’ve taken all the confusion, wasted-time, and expense out of the newsletter process, so that any size law firm can have a quality newsletter in minutes. Our process is simple. Select from our list of professionally written articles that are updated monthly. Include any custom information you’d like to share with your audience. We put it all together, manage your list and send tests for approval before we send it off. You receive a weekly performance report and we work to optimize the results. Our monthly service is cost effective, increases brand engagement and is very easy to use.

Fast and convenient for your business

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Preserve relationships with past clients

With such a wide array of attorneys to choose from, and the importance of referrals and good communication at the forefront of a successful law firm, our attorney newsletter serves as a focal point of creating a connection with past and current clients and updating these individuals on your firm’s recent accomplishments or future endeavors. Practice Management Group spends countless hours a week crafting unique and tailored newsletters that are sent monthly to our clientele database. On top of sending out these newsletters, our team provides reports in regards to the success of this marketing campaign, and alerts the attorney on the clientele’s response.

Increase your lead generation

Although many attorneys are eager to find their next client, often paying lead generation companies and arm and a leg for sub-par leads, they forget that engagement with previous clients is an alternate source of increasing lead generation. By consistently providing your database with upcoming endeavors, recent settlements, or an occasional wellness check, law firms can depend on good communication with past clients for word of mouth referrals and positive reviews.

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