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Practice tune up

Law Firm Evaluation

When opening up or joining a firm, the main prerogative of the firm including the short and long term goals, are usually not cemented. Before engaging with your practice, our team identifies your starting point in depth, to distinguish where your firm is and what the next steps to expansion are.


Marketing Evaluation

With thousands of firms nationwide competing for clients and attempting to get the upper hand through marketing, we at Practice Management Group thrive off new inventions and tactical marketing, to shy away from the norm and provide the upper hand.


Team Evaluation

As our Motto stands “ We thrive to do everything necessary to improve your practice, besides doing what you do best, practicing and implementing the law.” This includes the staffing, overhead, and evaluating the productivity of your law firm on a regular basis.


Budgeting Evaluation

Whether you are a large firm with a $250,000 budget per month designated for marketing, or a small firm with a budget of $1,000 per month, our goal is to optimize every dollar spent towards your case to determine your true cost per case acquisition.


Expansion Plan

As a common goal for many practices, we aim to use our expertise and vast partnerships to aid in nationwide expansion, implementation of new practice area divisions, and the eventual acquisition of other law firms.


Increase in Revenue Generated in 2 Months

With the acquisition and expansion of new firms daily, Practice Management Group takes immense pride in our constant growth for our clients, and the many positive reviews left on the behalf of satisfied attorneys. No Law Firm has a cap on their success or their expansion, and through teamwork and innovation, our team strives for the Gold Standard of Excellence for all of our clients.


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