Lead Assist

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The Right Intake Solution for Your Lead Generation & Management

Don’t just care for your leads; nurture them!

What is Lead Assist?

Lead Assist is a platform  that facilitates the process of intaking leads, managing them, and reaching out to them to make the task of converting leads to cases much easier for your firm. Along with the 360 Dialer, you can customize your intake system to utilize the full potential of a phone-system and lead intake dashboard for your lead generation and management. Where the 360 Dialer is used as a reliable phone system, Lead Assist makes it easier to create a customizable and scalable lead intake and management platform for your firm.

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Lead Assist Offers:

Why Lead Assist?

You will pay for Lead Assist as a monthly subscription.

While it is possible, we strongly recommend switching to the 360 Dialer to keep all your leads in one place and facilitate communications without using several platforms at the same time.

Yes! Simply let us know where the leads are coming from and our support team will coordinate to find the solution for the inflow of leads. Additionally, we can advise on how to set up an automated follow-up sequence.