Customized Lemon
Law Assist App For Your Firm


Client Benefits
  • Monitor your Vehicle Recalls, Warranty, & Maintenance
  • Track Vehicle Repairs & Downtime
  • Instant Case Updates to your Attorney
  • Direct Access to your Attorney
  • Instant Updates on Vehicle Recalls
  • Track Vehicle for Lemon Law Eligibility
  • Locate Recommended Repair Centers
  • Supports Over 100+ Languages


Law Firm Benefits
  • Retain New Clients
  • Maintain Client Database
  • Reduce Settlement Time
  • Integrated Retainer with DocuSign
  • Automated Referrals
  • Live Chat with your clients
  • Publish News Articles
  • Complete Marketing
  • Lead Generation Solutions


Monitor your Vehicle
Recalls, Warranty, Maintenance

With the most recent data showing that approximately 29 Million Vehicles a year have been recalled by manufacturers, it is essential that American drivers are aware of their vehicles status. Our mobile app uses your VIN to determine exactly what vehicle you operate, and provide news and updates accordingly.

Track Vehicle for
Lemon Law Eligibility

Nationwide, the data available presents that over 150,000 cars are classified as Lemon’s every year. As the laws vary state by state, it is essential for operators of vehicles to track how long their car has been in the shop, and provide their attorney with this necessary information. Our Lemon Gauge provides a ( days in the shop ) tracker, that can aide both the car owner and the attorney with relevant information pertaining to their case.

Attorney Live chat

Vehicle Operators who suppose that they may have a lemon, more often than not, desire communication with a Lemon Law expert. Our live chat option provides just that, allowing for instantaneous messaging and great communication.

Supports 100+ languages

America is the melting pot of the world, and what would an app be if it could not accommodate for language barriers. Our Lemon Law Mobile App translates instantly to over 100+ languages, allowing for universal accessibility and accommodation.

Check Case status

Following a trip to the shop or another occurrence of a faulty car, clients want to be informed of their case and the timeline for settlement. Although this varies amongst clients and their respective vehicles, our Case Status option allows for updates on the Attorneys behalf, putting the client at ease and saving countless phone calls regarding updates.

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