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Law Firm Features

  • Get Retainer Signed in Real Time
  • Update Client Case Status in Real Time
  • Reduce Settlement Time
  • Collect all Accident History
  • One Click Referrals
  • Receive Repair Information Instantly
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  • Push Notifications to Clients
  • Manage Treatments
  • Instant Accident Notification
  • Automated Referrals
  • Live Chat with your Clients
  • Get New Clients
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Unique App Tailored to Motorcycle Riders

Contrary to the common misconception that vehicular accidents are composed solely of cars, Motorcycle Riders make up 14% of fatalities on the road, while only making up 3% of vehicles on the road. Our Motorcycle Mobile App has been tailored to accommodate this niche base of individuals, and provide them with a tool to access attorneys specialized in dealing with such accidents.

Receive Repair Information Instantly

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Attorney Live chat

Our Live Chat feature allows for a personable experience both for the prospective client, and the Law Firm taking the case. With automated live chat, you can now send and receive messages from your client with the click of a button. You can also set up automated messages that will respond to your clients in the case of your absence.

Supports 100+ languages

America is the melting pot of the world, and what would an app be if it could not accommodate for language barriers. Our Motorcycle Mobile App translates instantly to over 100+ languages, allowing for universal accessibility and accommodation.

Check Case status

Following an accident, regardless of severity, clients want to be informed of their case and the timeline for settlement. Although this varies amongst clients and their respective accidents, our Case Status option allows for updates on the Attorneys behalf, putting the client at ease and saving countless phone calls regarding updates.

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