Creating Your Firms Identity

You only have 3 seconds to captivate a potential client with your page. Having a strong and clear identity is critical to keeping them on your page for longer. We will create a clear identity for your firm focused on your practice areas values that set your firm apart.

Trustable Online Reputation

Lets face it, attorneys don’t always have the best reputation. This is why we focus on creating posts that will gain the trust and confidence of your potential clients. We do this by providing testimonials, informative tips, benefits, and news that will be helpful and engaging to them.

Themed Weekly Videos

Videos perform 30% better than still images and this number is increasing. We will guide you in how to create top performing videos (we promise it’s easier than you think!) We will provide you with the top most searched videos in your practice area and put your video through our pro-attorney video performance strategy.

Featured on Top Instagram Accounts

Get featured on top social media accounts pertaining to your area of law. Gain recognition from potential clients and fellow attorneys. This helps you create credibility online and establish relationships with other firms and businesses in your market leading to referrals.


We have experience starting an account from scratch or growing an existing account. Each account requires its own strategy! Good Life Social will get valuable content on your page, grow your overall following then target people who live in your state and within your practice area gaining followers with higher potential to convert to a lead.

Webinars / Educating Your Audience

Host engaging webinars to provide helpful information to your followers. The more free information you provide the larger following you will have. Good Life Social will create your graphic and run your ads to promote and drive traffic to your webinar and page.

Referral Lead Generation

Build partnerships with other firms and businesses for referrals through our efforts. With our targeted engagement strategies and account branding we will create the opportunity for many partnerships and referrals between firms.

Monthly Progress Reports

What is all this work without results and tracking! We will prepare a monthly progress report outlining your account performance and key performance indicators. Then we will review your plan for the following month to include additional strategies to continue to grow your account.

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