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You can choose to customize your own app or have someone on our team customize it for you.

Client benefits:

  • Know What to Do in Case of an Incident
  • Collect and Store All Witness Information
  • Access to All Medical Providers
  • Maintain Your Incident History
  • Direct Access to Your Attorney
  • Call For Emergency Assistance
  • Collect And Report All Incident Information
  • Access to Your Insurance, Registration & License
  • Schedule And Maintain Your Medical Appointments
  • +100 Language Supported

Law Firm Benefits:

  • Update Client Case Status in Real Time
  • Get Retainer Signed in Real Time
  • Reduce Settlement Time
  • Collect All Incident History
  • One Click Referrals
  • Receive Information Instantly
  • Push Notifications to Clients
  • Manage Treatments
  • Instant Notification
  • Automated Referrals
  • Live Chat with your Clients
  • Get New Clients

Leads Assist

  • Contact more leads and convert them into clients in less time
  • Create automated phone sequences so you never miss a call
  • Manage leads on the platform
  • Use our powerful PowerDialer feature which allows you to make phone calls without manually searching for phone numbers
  • Create Ring Groups tailored to service specific lead groups
  • Track and manage all of your leads and agents

Automated Document Collection

  • Create automated document collections
  • Track and manage all documents
  • Customize your document collection for each client group
  • Schedule reminders for missing documents
  • Reject faulty documents

SMS Marketing

  • Create bulk SMS/MMS texts directly on the platform
  • Select leads from your list
  • Schedule texts messages
  • Track the success of your text campaigns

Track & Manage

Lead Generation & Coordination

● Leads and Contacts generated from various marketing avenues
● Finding new lead sources
● Manage lead generation performance
● Create conversion reports
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Press Release

● Press release coordination
● Just Settled posting
● Announcement of large settlements
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● Creation of a monthly practice newsletter with unique content
● Distribution of newsletter to
contact database
● Placement of newsletter on firm website
● Placement of newsletter in social media and mobile app
● Monthly activity reports
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Social Media Coordination

● Working with
Social Media Management team
● Review posts
● Create content
● Engagement
● Lead Generation
● Expand on key staff
social media promotions
● Coordinate key staff videos for posting
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Directory Listing

● Searching on popular attorney directory websites like Avvo, Nolo, Justia, ect. to see if your law firm is listed
● Register your law firm to directory listings you’re not listed on
● Monthly reports detailing all the directories you are newly listed on
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Just Settled

● Announce your largest settlements on our Instagram account that is largely followed by other attorneys
● Press Release
● Newsletter Campaign to contacts
● Interview with Hamid Kohan
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Website Maintenance Coordination

● Identify content
● Manage Links
● Create pictures/videos
● Update content
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Virtual Assistant Staffing

● Handpicked virtual assistants that suit your needs
● Training of virtual assistants
● Tax writable
● Month-to-month contract
● Provide benefits to virtual assistants
● Activity tracking
● Weekly reports
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● Access useful documents for daily use in case management
● Human Resources
● Legal Agreements
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Front Desk Support

● Support requests
● IT Requests
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Referral Network

● Identify a list of referral sources
● Identify a list of all service
providers to clients
● Expand on the number of referrals made from each source
● Add key referral sources into the case management system, mobile app,
and website
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New Practice Set Up

● New law firm set up
● Merge with other law firms
● Develop and grow your law firm
● Expand to multiple states
and practice areas
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Client Retention & Expansion Coordination

● Monthly survey of existing clients
● Report unsatisfied clients for follow-up
● Collect positive reviews
● Create client reviews and post online and on the website
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Landing Page Design

● Increase your click-through rate
● Track all form submissions
● Optimize your SEO
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HR Documents

● Keep your HR documents organized
● Centralized document
collection platform
● Easy access to HR forms
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Legal Documents

● Templates for Legal Documents
● Keep track of all Legal Agreements
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Demand Writers

● Full template bank needed for all types of demand letters
● Training and Technical
Support Included
● Specialized and trained in writing Demand Letters.
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